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Discover Fossils in Eastbourne!
Meet at the cafe at top of Dukes
Drive, just before Beachy Head.
Call Keith to arrange a fossil
tour in Eastbourne. We start at
approximate postcode BN207XL

Phone: 07826 302098
Rating: Fossil hunting in Eastbourne
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Info: Find fossils in Eastbourne, equipment provided (hammer, chisel, etc). Learn about fossils!

Trial-a Bite Rock and Fossil Tours is a family owned and family oriented company. Established in 2008,we offer guided geological tours and fossil hunting expeditions in Eastbourne. We welcome all on our tours, individuals, groups and families, and all abilities whether you are an experienced fossil hunter or a novice.

We run rock and fossil hunting trips in the UK all year round - we do not stop just because the summer is over! The 'off season' trip often is rewarded by the best fossils.

Eastbourne is famous amongst fossil hunters due to Eastbourne being known as the ‘classic’ location for chalk fossils, in Britain. The chalk cliffs at Eastbourne, accessed at Cow Gap, are a very pleasant and scenic forty minute walk along the South Downs way. The chalk cliffs and underlying greensands, at Cow Gap, yield fossils from the Cretaceous period. These fossils were alive and swimming around in the sea between 80 and 100 million years ago.

After you have been on a fossil hunt at Eastbourne, you may end up having found specimens of Ammonites and Nautili (the coiled up shells that everyone knows as a fossil), Sea Urchin fossils, Sharks teeth fossils, Fish scale fossils, Coral fossils, Sponge fossil, Bivalve molluscs (like mussels), brachiopod mollusc fossils (like lamp shells) and occasionally belemnites (a squid like animal that swam around the sea during the Cretaceous.  

It does require a little work with a hammer and chisel, splitting fallen blocks of chalk to find the fossils preserved within the rock. The fossils found in chalk often show incredible detail. This superb detail is due to the presence of fine grains of chalk; the finer the sediment the greater the detail that is preserved in the fossils

Fossil hunting in Eastbourne can be a very rewarding experience that appeals to absolutely everyone young and old, it is an ideal family day out that all of the family can enjoy, and we have conducted tours for fossil hunters of all ages! If you are looking for things to do in Eastbourne, a fossil hunting excursion should definitely be on your list!

Our fossil hunting tours in Eastbourne are not just a spring and summer occupation – we conduct fossil hunting trips all year round. Sometimes the best fossils are found during the winter months because the rougher seas, frosts and rain cause rock falls which reveal even more fossils!

Unfortunately we run the risk of falling foul of the British weather, which can at times cause us to cancel a trip, on grounds safety.

You can come find fossils in Eastbourne with us on a pre-booked basis. We have to run our tours in this fashion because safe access to the fossil hunting areas is very tide and time dependant. Finding fossils in Eastbourne is an activity best undertaken during a set period around low water tides.  

To access these areas at any other time is very dangerous, as there is a risk of being cut-off by the tide, or worse. To arrange a fossil hunting tour in Eastbourne, please contact us by telephone or email, with your preferred dates. We will then confirm whether the tides are suitable, what times we should meet, who is coming along to join us and any other details and information you may need.

To have fun learning how to find fossils in Eastbourne, please call us, we welcome your enquiry!

All our staff hold a current CRB check and are qualified first aiders. Trial-a-Bite Rock and Fossil Tours is insured to local government education department requirements.

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