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PHONE: 07875 591648

Lets Bike - Cycle Hire
Lavender House
255 Southbourne Road
East Sussex
BN22 8RE, England

Phone: 07875 591648
Rating: Bike Hire, Bicycle Rentals
Prices: Bike hire cost depends on time
Info: Rent a bicycle for a day, or hire a bike weekly or monthly! Second hand bikes to purchase.

Let's Bike – Rent a Bicycle in Eastbourne, by the day, week or month! We also have second hand bikes for sale in Eastbourne, too!

Here at Let's Bike, we love bikes! We have a wide range of bikes available to rent/hire, giving visitors to the freedom to explore and enjoy Eastbourne in a way only a bicycle can offer. Hire a bike today and see more of the stunning local countryside!

Eastbourne is surrounded by cycle trails and paths, with a great many picturesque places to cycle, such as the Cuckoo Trail, Seven Sisters (including Beachy Head), the Pevensey Levels and the beautiful countryside to the North of Herstmonceux, not forgetting Pevensey Castle and Norman's Bay.  Also you can rent a bike and enjoy much of Eastbourne's seafront.

How it Works:
You buy one of our bikes, and within one month we offer you a set percentage refund assuming it's not been damaged.  By damage we don't mean scratches (scratches are ok!): we mean something affecting the bike's operation.  Our main focus is to provide our customers with a safe, reliable bike at an excellent price!

What do you mean by “modest cost” I hear you say?  
For a day, a bike, in effect, is likely to cost you between £6 and £15 plus £1 for a lock.  The initial cash requirement to hire a bike is likely to be within the range £32 to £127.  (Sometimes we set the initial cash requirement for a bike artificially high to encourage its return although the effective cost to you would still be within the range given above).  

We operate a sliding scale of refunds when the bike is returned within 31 days.  This scale ranges from 75% after 24 hours to 34.7% after 31 days. Please ring us for a schedule of these refunds and net costs.

We look forward to being able to help you maximise your enjoyment of Eastbourne and its surroundings. Make the most of your bicycle rental hire period, and we’ll even provide you with suggested routes and biking trails to follow as well as official maps and guides, to help you find the best places for cycling in Eastbourne and East Sussex!

We are the first choice in Eastbourne if you wish to:

  • Buy an economically priced second hand bike
  • Rent a bike to enjoy East Sussex
  • Explore new cycle trails and bike paths near Eastbourne
  • Hire a bicycle for a few hours
  • Rent a bike for a few days
  • Hire a cycle for a few weeks
  • Rent a bike for a full month
  • We also offer bicycle repairs in Eastbourne

Another excellent idea for fun things to do in Eastbourne in Summer, why not trent our tandem bicycle! Never tried it? Hire one of our tandem bicycles and enjoy a new experience with someone else this year!

If you would like to try riding a quadricycle (a cycle with 4 wheels) try Ride N Joy cycle hire.