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  • MISSING PERSONS: Find people in Eastbourne
    Posted by Admin on Wednesday, March 21, 2012

    If you'd like helping finding people in Eastbourne, past or present residents, post your question below.

    This 'people locator' page isn't a service, but it does provide a place for others without family tree software or subscriptions to post in a dedicated forum area, to help locate those who are either missing from the family or in finding old friends in Eastbourne.

    Include your email address in your reply, if you want a reply by email.

    Im now 60 years old and live in Swinstead, Lincolnshire, but I grew up in Eastbourne.In 1947 my mother Betty Cox was divorced from her husband Eric and she moved to 17 Hoad Road, Eastbourne, from Luton, with her son Tony who at that time was three years old.Tony later went to Bourne infants and Juniors school in Eastbourne and later we both attended the local Salvation Army citadel.

    Whilst living at this address mum ran a bed and breakfast catering for people wanting to enjoy a summer holiday in Eastbourne.I was born in June 1951 at the nursing home in Uppington Road, which I believe is now a block of flats.My birth certificate shows the registrar TH Drinkwater registered my name but my father's name is missing from the document. I never did manage to find out the name of my father. It would be nice to know whether I have any extended family still alive from this liaison. garrycox437(at)

    (Response by Garry Cox on Tuesday, April 3, 2012)

    My father was adopted in 1937, his mother Annie Hoyle never married but eventually lived, died and was cremated in EastbourneHer sister Emma Alma Roadnight (nee Hoyle) also lived there - her husband Francis' sister adopted my father - Emma is buried at Ocklynge Cemetery with her husband and sonThe Hoyles all originally came from St Columb Major in Cornwall but several seem to have gravitated to Eastbourne in their later years.

    If anyone knows anything about the following people I'd be grateful to hear from you. Annie Hoyle (1879-1963) born St Columb Major in Cornwall, lived at 22, Eversfield Road Eastbourne and died at Trevin Towers.

    Emma Alma Hoyle (1877-1969) also born St C M, lived at Whitely Road, Eastbourne - widow of Francis Roadnight. Ivy Dorothy Hoyle (1894-1976) also born St C M, married Percy Beston in Eastbourne in 1923 - I believe Percy came from Brighton - she moved to Birmingham presumably after Percy's death and possibly to be closer to another sister Ellen Edwina Cond (nee Hoyle) who lived there in Tessall Lane with her husband JamesAnnie, Ivy, Ellen and Emma had 6 other siblings all from St Columb Major - Margaret, Mary, Harry, Herbert, Walter and William Watkins HoyleAny information would be gratefully received. Thanks. jamie1501(at)

    (Response by Jamie Roadnight on Monday, May 21, 2012)


    I am trying to find my late husbands grandfather. His name was Edward John Fisher and his father was Fred Fisher He was a corporal In the Middlesex Regiment in WW1 and married in Northampton in 1916.

    If anyone knows of the Fisher family I would be very grateful to hear from them, Thank You

    (Response by Barbara Fisher on Saturday, July 21, 2012)

    Looking for an old friend. Can anyone here tell me if Arthur (can't remember his surname!) that used to live in Kent Court Avard Crescent in the mid 80s is still about ... and how I may get in contact with him. Many thanks.
    (Response by MrKentCourt on Wednesday, March 13, 2013)

    Hello All
    I am looking for a friend I have lost contact with. I studied and lived in Eastbourne back in the 90's. I used to work in The Wish Tower Hotel and made good friends with Suzanne Sunita. Any body who used to at the wish tower at the same period or you knew Suzanne, any help will be much appreciated.


    (Response by jay on Thursday, October 9, 2014)

    Looking for a family member called David Paterson last known to be located around Eastbourne area around late 60s early 70s small chap with a bald head any information please reply many thanks darrendpaterson(at)
    (Response by Darren on Tuesday, July 14, 2015)

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