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PHONE: +44 (0)1323 411043

Imperial Hotel Eastbourne
Devonshire Place
East Sussex
BN21 4AH

Phone: +44 (0)1323 411043
Info: Robinson's Imperial Hotel, 3 star coaching hotel in Eastbourne/ cheap hotel in Eastbourne.

Eastbourne Guide says: All rooms in Robinson’s Imperial Hotel in Eastbourne offer private facilities, a television and telephone, plus complimentary tea, coffee and hairdryers. Traditional English breakfast and lunch snacks are available daily (apparently) with the four course evening meal being served with a choice of tea or coffee. TRIP ADVISOR reviews flag up the popular opinion that meals at the Imperial Hotel are not particularly generous and sometimes leaving much to be desired.

The Imperial offers live entertainment most evenings and has two bars, one upstairs across from reception and another bar downstairs in the entertainment area.

The main foyer of the Imperial Hotel is always decorated with a vase of fresh flowers of varying species and offers access to the upper (and lower) floors via stairs, or two very small passenger lifts. Come evening time, guests generally fall into two categories, either moving on to the lounge or their bedrooms or venturing downstairs to enjoy the evening entertainment, when available.

Rotating jewellery display cases spin tirelessly in the foyer, offering shiny trinkets, prices starting at just under five pounds. The carpets are vacuumed daily and generally the hotel feels clean.

As a coaching hotel in Eastbourne, Robinsons Imperial offers visitors trips to Michelham Priory and Gardens, an historic and very beautiful property in the lovely Sussex countryside, as well as coach trips to Bodiam Castle and other locations in the south east. Michelham Priory is especially delightful during the summer months and would be of interest to garden and plant lovers, as well as those with an interest in oldly-worldy buildings and local history.

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The Imperial Hotel declined both options. And so, we present our own findings of the venue and naturally, we paid them a visit.

In days gone by, Eastbourne’s Imperial Hotel would greet visitors with a sparkling shine from the charming brass railing that leads up the main steps. Disappointingly, the showcase handrail (inspected on 2 consecutive days) appeared dull and stained, clearly showing signs of built up tarnish. Perhaps the custom of buffing the railing once a day has been abolished under new management, or the cost of administering brass cleaner daily is prohibitive. We suspect lethargy.

The Imperial Hotel in Eastbourne is situated in an absolutely brilliant location. The hotel is very close to town centre, but is also virtually on the seafront itself and is favourably positioned centrally in Eastbourne. If you are walking east or west, the distance to either end of the Eastbourne promenade is very roughly equal. There is more good news (for some) and that news is, upon entering the hotel, you’ll find it particularly warm. TRIP ADVISOR reviews confirm this. After going inside, we were practically forced into peeling off two layers of clothing immediately, not by staff, but due to the nuclear-blast like temperatures.

We spoke to four customers/visitors of the Imperial Hotel, three of which had problems. The trio we socialised with claimed to have received a promotional letter, offering a premium room at the same cost of a standard room, IF an early booking was made. They told us they had made their booking with the understanding had secured the free upgrade, only to arrive at the hotel and be herded into standard rooms.

They claimed they still had the offer (made on paper) at home, but had not brought it with them, so we were unable to verify their account.

We sat with the same trio in the bar area, where they dismally informed us they did not know what they were going to eat for lunch, as staff had said the only lunch option available was a hot lunch which came at an extra cost, and that no other lunch snacks or sandwiches were being served.

This trio planned to dine inside Eastbourne’s Imperial Hotel restaurant together that evening (hot meal) and didn’t wish to pay extra for a hot lunch. Not wanting to kick up a fuss, one individual explained they were too wobbly on their feet to go out to buy any sandwiches, so we walked to M&S to buy sandwiches for them.

On our return, they explained that whilst we were gone, the same member of staff who had declined their request for sandwiches had served sandwiches to another guest, in front of them, but had not approached them to apologise for the miscommunication.

A smartly dressed and headstrong individual, who we suspected was the manager, materialised to announce that he could see we had bought sandwiches, and matter-of-factly ‘declared’ with aplomb that the sandwich purchase was an entirely unnecessary one. No hint of an apology in his tone.

The guests commented on management without any prompting on our part. One visitor explained the hotel simply didn’t feel the same as it had on prior visits, specifically due to the new manager.

The Imperial Hotel in Eastbourne is a relatively cheap hotel in Eastbourne in a fantastic location. Three drinks (cup of tea, cup of coffee, and a pint of iced water to counter the effects of the heating system) plus a complimentary biscuit each cost us a grand total of just £2.50.

We found the same Lotus caramelised biscuits as served by the Imperial Hotel available locally at Bookers for 4.8 pence apiece (box of 300). Not quite a crème tea at The Grand, but we would pop in again if we were passing and were either in need of warming up, or a nice cup of tea and a sit-down. We might even enjoy sandwiches there one day, or not, depending on what staff believe is (or is not) available should we visit again.

The upstairs bar area was also clean, but completely deserted at lunchtime, save for our group, and the furniture appeared to have seen better days. Every chair in the bar (that we could see) appeared to suffer the same wear and tear as the one pictured.

Photo of Eastbourne's Imperial Hotel furniture

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On leaving the hotel, we noted that reception made only brief eye contact, without smiling, speaking to us whilst looking down into papers which were being shuffled on the desk.

At the time of writing, the average review no Trip Advisor for the Imperial Hotel in Eastbourne is 3.5 out of 5. Interestingly, 3 out of the 4 reviews on the first page all had negative comments regarding the food at the Imperial.

We at have eaten out five times in the last 4 days, being served at six venues in total this week, including the drinks at the Imperial Hotel. We agreed that the service at the Imperial was the easily least friendly of the six venues. If you feel the need to escape the Imperial Hotel in Eastbourne for a more personalised breakfast service, head to Vickeries at the top of Terminus Road (the seaside end). We received an impeccably good and terrifically friendly and fun breakfast service there, hearty healpings of good food served up with a smile and plenty of laughing out loud with serving staff.

This page receives many thousands of visitors per year – It’s a shame the Eastbourne Imperial Hotel declined our standard offer of a free text profile, which they could have written themselves. This article was written in 2012.