How We Lived Then Museum in Eastbourne

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PHONE: +44 (0)1323 737143

"How We Lived Then"
(Museum in Eastbourne)
20 Cornfield Terrace
East Sussex
BN21 4NS, England

Phone: +44 (0)1323 737143
Rating: Things to do near town centre
Prices: ?4 - ?5, kids under 5 go free
Info: Easily one of the most educational & interesting museums in Eastbourne, most fascinating!

The “How We Lived Then” museum in Eastbourne, of shops and social history, is full to the brim with over 100’000 utterly fascinating exhibits of old shops, products and objects from the past, presented cleverly in detailed period room settings,  almost as if 'plucked' straight from history. A great many any varied displays are there to be enjoyed, which have been painstakingly collected over several decades by the owners, the dedicated husband and wife team, Jan and Graham Upton.
The museums collection is housed in a Regency building and offers a fascinating peek into the past, with numerous exhibits on four floors, such as a Grocer’s Shop, selling biscuits from glass-topped tins and you can almost taste the “Five Boys” chocolate in the Sweet Shop, taking you right back into a bygone era.

The chemist’s section of this museum in Eastbourne features all manner of interesting and sometimes questionable “cure-all” medications and the equally remarkable ironmonger stocks everything from galvanised baths to tap washers.

Ladies will marvel at all the lace, clothes and sewing requirements in the draper’s shop section of the museum,  and men can wonder at the history in the tailors with old hats and braces.

The captivating toy shop section also takes us many decades back into the long forgotten pre-internet world of happy memories and childhood games, also featuring “Punch & Judy”.  A peek into the remarkable setting of the post office shows us how we lived in the history of Eastbourne, and where go to buy envelopes, pens and stamps.

An interesting office and cobblers shop is also featured in the museum, looking just as it did in the old days when nearly everyone took their shoes to be re-healed or fitted with “Blakeys”.

Old cameras and photographs can be found in the photographer’s display in the museum, which has been updated to include more modern home-movie equipment, that has already become antiquated.

Musical instruments will be found in the music shop, a scullery maid and old stove in the Edwardian Kitchen (remember, this museum in Eastbourne features over 100’000 exhibits, every exhibit is jam packed with fascinating exhibits!) and opposite is a wartime kitchen and living room area, with an under the stairs is an air-raid shelter.

Other charming displays inside the museum include the old fashioned jewellers, spring cleaning, tennis in the 20th centuary and other sports, “Christmas past”, old egg cups, wedding dresses and much, much more!

Directions to the ‘How We Lived Then ‘ Museum in Eastbourne:
The well signposted How We Lived Then Museum is just off Eastbourne’s seafront, between the main shopping centre and the Eastbourne theatres. The post code for Sat Nav users is (approximately) BN21 4NS.
The museum should be open every day from 10.00am in the morning, but closing times do vary, so it’s best to call the museum to confirm times before departing.

There are stairs to negotiate and the admission charges (at the time of writing) are as follows:
£5.00 - Adults
£4.50 – Seniors 60 and over
£4.00 - Children up to 15 years old
£15.00 Family Ticket

Children under 5 are given free entry into this museum in Eastbourne and special group discounts are available upon application. There is no entry fee to the museum for coach drivers.