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Ghost Story 1) The Glyndebourne Opera House Ghost
Whisperings of an eerie episode date back to the time the original house was built. As the legend goes, here is the tragic tale of the ghost of the old well and gardens.

A young girl, the daughter of the cook, would come to the house and play in the garden while her mother was working. Curiosity may have got the better of her, as she leaned over the edge of the deep well and lost her grip, falling to her death... or was perhaps pushed in. The truth may never be known - no screams were heard when she died. Her young, lifeless body was later found (drowned, face first at the bottom of the well) after a full search of the estate.

Many visitors have reported seeing the ghost of this girl wearing the old fashioned dress she died in, her hair still in braids, sitting or playing in the gardens of the house. The popular comment is that "her ghost looks like she has stepped straight out of a history book!"  Have a look at the Glyndbourne Opera House page for photos (not of the ghost, unfortunately).

Ghost Story 2) Horrifying Monk in Black at Beachy Head
Over the wind-swept moor of Beachy Head where howling winds blow, a mysterious and malicious monk loiters, haunting the edge of cliffs. The monk wears black robes, and beckons visitors to take the plunge over the 535 foot cliff edge to their death.

The monk approaches lonely or sad visitors and points over the edge of the cliff, encouraging those he encounters to take their own lives. Many have reported the same unsettling feeling of being compelled to walk over the edge. Death by misadventure, suicide, strong gusts of wind or the influence of the malevolent monk in black? The frequent deaths at Beachy Head may be a combination of all four.

Other ghosts seen at Beachy Head include a female dressed in Victorian clothes, whose ghost can be seen walking towards and then over the edge of the cliff. A dapper gentleman carrying a walking stick has also been seen, walking over the edge and disappearing. A farmer’s wife carrying a baby stands by the cliff edge before taking her last steps, with her baby, to their doom below. Countless other sightings or other ghosts at Beachy Head have been reported over the years.

A great many people have been seen walking over the edge of the cliffs, and their bodies are almost always recovered at the base, or in the sea below. But not every sighting of a suicide leads to a body being recovered. Might these suicides be the ghosts of those lost souls who’s bodies were never recovered?  Why does the Monk walk the cliffs and why does he wish others harm.

On average, there are just over two suicides per month at Beachy Head. Death arrives in less than five seconds, which is roughly the time it takes to plummet from the top to the bottom. Allegedly, some people literally do die of fright, after the initial rush of air, before they hit the ground. For a brighter look at the cliffs, check out our Beachy Head page. And stay clear of the monk in Black.

Ghost Story 3) The Haunting at Elms Avenue in Eastbourne (By Harry Pope)
It all started in the very late 1990s. A friend of ours was looking to buy a house, so while her husband was out working she visited a house in Elms Avenue, Eastbourne. The estate agent showed her round, together with a silent man, who didn’t say a word throughout her visit. The agent however didn’t stop talking. The silent man wore a black overcoat, a black homburg hat, with an air of tranquillity about him. It seemed to my friend that he was almost looking her over to see if he approved of her buying the house.

She returned home, not having fallen in love with the property, but certainly wanting to buy it. There was a ground floor, two levels above, an attic, in this mid-terrace tree lined road one off the seafront. Not much of a back or front garden, but that didn’t matter.

They had been there with their two daughters for about three months when ghostly ‘things’ started occurring. All unexplained, they included the banging of doors during the night, unpleasant and unexplained smells on the landing, and the sound of footsteps when no-one was there. Willum the cat was unconcerned, but would frequently stare up the stairs at nothing in particular when our friend was in the house alone in the hallway. Our friend is a very level-headed person, but after a couple of years the possibility presented itself to purchase somewhere else in the town, and they moved.

A year after they moved, over Christmas, Trish was watching one of those old black and white programmes. It had an old music hall stay sitting in a high backed chair with a ventriloquist’s dummy. The man was wearing a black overcoat, and a black homburg hat. She exclaimed ‘It’s him, the man who showed me round the house!’

The man was Sandy Powell, who was a famous music hall star of the pre- and post-war periods, an Eastbourne resident for 50 years and used to live in the house. But when he accompanied Trish around the house with the estate agent that day, he had already been dead for 10 years.

For more exciting ghost stories, Paranormal Eastbourne by Janet Cameron is available to purchase here.

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